Best Emergency Preparedness Gifts Ideas for Family & Friends

12 Great Emergency Preparedness Gifts for Family, Friends or Yourself 

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A common question I get asked is, "How do I get my family better prepared if they do not see the importance?

My family, like many others, recognize the importance of being prepared for the unexpected and know things happen sometimes. But they are not as passionate about it as I am and thus are not going to give a lot of attention.

A few years ago I was considering what to get them for Christmas; they do not need (or even want) anything. I realized this was perfect; I'll build them emergency kits.

The first year I got them a barrel of freeze-dried food. Here is why this is so awesome:
- It contains several weeks of food in case there was ever a more significant emergency such as the Ice Storm of 1997,
- It has a 30-year life span. Thus you can stick it in crawl space, forget about and hope you never need to use it (but sleep better knowing it is there!)
- The food is premixed ​Pasta Alfredo, Enchilada Beans & Rice, Cheese & Broccoli Soup & more. 

I also include two 5-gallon jugs of water. With the water already in their house, this should get the two of them through a week.

Year two I made them two emergency car kits — nothing fancy like the one I carry in my car, just the basics so they could survive a night. If they got caught in a snow storm had to spend the night in their cars, like the storm that buried 300 vehicles on the 401 some years ago near London, Ontario. Or if any other unexpected situation came up, it would give them some

Top 12 Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas

I've broken this section down into 3 categories with a few recomendations for each

6 Stocking Stuffers for Emergency Preparedness & Survival 

Resque Me - Car Escape Tool

This is must have for anyone who drives. Small, inexpensive and could save lives. The ResqMe goes in the car door and can cut your seat belt and break a window if your in a car accident and trapped in car. 

It is such a simple and brilliant idea, I think everyone who drives should have one just in case!

SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag

I keep one of these in each car and another one in my outdoors day bag. If you ever had to spend a night in your car due to a blizzard, spend a night in the woods, or even a cold night in your house without power, this is a game changer.

This reflective bag holds in a TON of your body heat, is durable and waterproof.

Fish Yo Yo - Survival or Ice Fishing

This one is for more of wilderness survival kit and it also great for any outdoor enthusiast or fisherwoman/man in the family. I keep these in my grab and go kit and outdoors bag. I've also caught a bunch of trout ice fishing with them. 

Berky Sports Water Bottle with Filter

This great water bottle comes with a built in water filter that removes bacteria, viruses, and even reduces chlorine, fluoride and a host of chemicals.  Just fill it up in any fresh water source or questionable tap water. This is great for outdoor expeditions and in a car or other emergency kit. 

Best Emergency Water Filter

Mora Knife & Fire Starter

You can't go wrong with a Mora knife. Great quality steel and this one comes with a ferro rod fire starter build into the sheath. 

Great for the outdoor enthusiast and a knife is an essential survival tool. 

Book - When Disaster Strikes

This is a very comprehensive book covering a plethora of information related to natural  and man made disasters and survival in general. It is my go to text book for disaster survival referencing. 

6 Awesome Preparedness Gift Ideas

Royal Berky Water Filter

I got this one as a gift and it is one of my FAVOURITE pieces of gear and a preparedness essential!

The Royal Berky is a gravity fed filter that we use for our tap water (it removes lead, heavy metals, pharmeceuticals, 

Emergency & Disaster Water Purification

Grid Down Emergency Weather Radio

This is another one of my "Must Have" for me. When the phones and internet go down you want to be able to stay informed.

This is a hand crank radio that allows you to listen to the news, Weather band for weather updates and has a flashlight.

Leatherman Wave Multi-tool

This is part of my EDC (Every Day Carry). I keep in my pocket and use it almost ever day for something. This is a super practical day to day tool that would also be SO VALUABLE in a disaster or emergency.

Emergency Food Cache - 25yr Lifespan

This makes preparedness simple. Stick it in a closet and forget about it for the next 25 years. And if a prolonged disaster ever occurs you know you won't starve.

BioLight - Camp Stove & USB Charger

I got this as a gift a few years ago and love it. The stove uses literally a couple small handfuls of twigs to bring water to a boil and will charge your phone while the water is boiling. Even in an urban setting you should have no problem scavenging enough wood to cook if the power is out. 

Tactical Flashlight - Self Defence & Light

I also got this as a gift and it is also part of my EDC (Every Day Carry). It sits nicely in my pocket when ever I leave the house. I use this almost daily as well just for the flashlight. BUT... At 1000 lumens, it will temporarily blind someone giving you an opportunity to escape from an attacker. 

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  1. Very helpful article Chris. I’m wondering if you might be able to do one on your EDC items. I’d be interested to see what a survivalist like yourself carries with you and it’s purpose.

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