The Hunter's Journey  
Your Course and Community to Learn to Hunt Sustainably

  • Do you want to learn how to sustainably hunt for food?
  • And, have confidence in your knowledge and skills?
  • Are you looking for a supportive community with shared values?
  • Would you like to overcome barriers such as finding land to hunt on, not having a mentor or finding people to hunt with?

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I wasn't raised in a hunting family. This program filled in many gaps for me, and gave me some amazing tools to progress. What they are sharing is essential. This is some high level teaching, presented in a really accessible and engaging way

Steve Leckman
2020 Participant

I came in with no prior knowledge or skills in hunting. This course gave me a solid comprehension of the techniques required, and, a deeper understanding of why we hunt, and how to do so ethically. Thanks to this, I had a successful hunt in my first year hunting white-tail deer, something I did not expect.

Carey Buss
2021 Participant

How Do I Know If This Is for Me?

  • You want to feel the EMPOWERMENT of successfully harvesting meat to bring home to your family and community.
  • You want to hunt for food, but believe ETHICS & STEWARDSHIP must come first.
    You have never hunted before, or are a beginner hunter looking for MENTORS & COMMUNITY. Guides to help you learn and overcome your unique barriers and challenges to getting started.
  • You want to increase your SELF-RELIANCE while being a steward of the land.
  • You want be part of an INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY open to ALL genders, ethnicities, religions and you support Indigenous sovereignty and land rights.

The Hunter's Journey Course Covers:

How to Get Started

  • Get your license & hunt legally
  • Navigate all the regulations
  • Find land to hunt on
  • Choose your first firearm or bow
  • Aquire the right gear for you

Techniques for Different Species

  • Bow & firearm strategies
  • Big Game such as Deer, Moose, Bear, & more
  • Small Game such as Squirrels, Rabbits & Grouse
  • Migratory Birds (Ducks & Geese)

Processing the Whole Animal

  • How to retrieve your harvest
  • Butchering and processing
  • Preserving & cooking
  • Using other parts of the animal such as the hide, bones, feathers, fat, etc.

Past Live "Virtual Hunt Camp" Schedule

Here are some examples of the topics we dive into during our Virtual Hunt Camp Calls:

April 19, 2022
Women in Hunting (All genders welcome) 

with Carolyn Knapper and Sandy Reed from Original Wisdom

May 24, 2022
Late Season Bear & Turkey Tactics

with Skeet Sutherland from Sticks & Stones Wilderness School

April 21, 2022
Why We Hunt and How You Can Learn & Get Started

Panel of Mentors

June 7, 2022
Hunting Gear & Firearms Deep Dive

with Chris Gilmour and Caleb Musgrave

April 26, 2022
Intro to Spring Turkey Hunting

with Bob Etzweiler from Vermont Wilderness School

June 21, 2022
Getting Ready for the Fall Hunt; Deer, Birds, Small Game & More

Panel of Mentors

April 27, 2022
Tracking, Trailing & Learning from Black Bears

with Preston Taylor from Tracker Longbows

July 6, 2022
Making the Most of Summer; Deer Hunting Preparation & Scouting

with Chris Gilmour and Caleb Musgrave

May 10, 2022
Welcome to Hunt Camp: Getting Started as a New Hunter

With Chris Gilmour and Caleb Musgrave

August 3, 2022
Preparing for Migratory Birds (Ducks & Geese)

with Chris Gilmour and Caleb Musgrave

May 17, 2022
Learning to Shoot (bows and firearms) 

with Cal Reed and Caleb Musgrave 

Sept - Dec 2022
More Dates to be Announced Soon

Watch A Sneak Peek

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the Course

Flexible Enrollment

Payment Plan


A low monthly price.
(Lifetime Access Special)


A one time payment for long-term mentoring and learning.


Designed for accessibility for those with financial or other barriers to joining. Email us to discuss.

Lifetime Access and Money Back Guarantee

As long as the course is up (hopefully for many years to come), you will have access to all the materials including the recordings of the live sessions. With this, you also get access to all future updates.

If you fall behind during the course, no sweat, you can go through the material at your own convenience.

What's Included in the Course and Community

Live Monthly "Virtual Hunt Camp" Mentoring Calls

Join Chris Gilmour, Caleb Musgrave and our growing team of guest mentors Tuesday evenings. These sessions happen bi-monthly during the prime hunting seasons, and monthly the rest of the year. They are a mixture of:

  • Real-time lessons and stories being shared from Chris and Caleb's hunting experiences,
  • Case studies from participants hunting experiences,
  • Additional teachings above and beyond all the recorded videos and workbooks, and
  • An opportunity to both connect with other students and ask us questions.

Video Library - Learn Skills & Techniques

Many of the skills required of the hunter are better demonstrated. Videos are an excellent and effective way to teach many hunting techniques. We are frequently add new videos to our already comprehensive video library.

A few examples of lessons already inside of the library include:

  • Camouflage, stalking and movement skills
  • How to prepare hunting blinds and tree stands
  • Choosing your first firearm and understanding different types of ammunition
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to butcher deer, birds, rabbits and more.

Workbooks and Checklists

The workbook is full of practical resources to help you make the most out of the course and your "dirt time" out in the woods.

Examples from the workbook and "cheat sheets" include:

  • Hunting Terminology Glossary
  • Checklists for gear, preseason prep, during season reminders and harvest processing
  • Journal templates to help you learn and adapt as you go
  • Explanations of specific tactics and concepts
  • ...and much more...

Community and Networking Opportunities

This is where A LOT of additional learning happens.

Inside the community you can post pictures and stories, share resources you come across, check out top resources posted by the instructors, ask questions and more.

Looking for other people to go shoot, scout, or hunt with?

Utilize the online community and live calls to network with other students near you and organize your own outings, training sessions and hunts.

Meet Your Guides

Everyone has their own unique relationship with hunting. There are also many different strategies and techniques that can work and many different types of hunting. To support you and your unique needs and interests, we have a collective of instructors inside the course with a diversity of hunting backgrounds and decades of experience harvesting food from the land.

 Here are a just few of the talented instructors you will meet inside the course and community:

Meet Chris Gilmour

Course Creator & Lead Mentor at

Chris has been hunting for over a decade and harvested his first deer with a bow and arrow he made himself. He strives to harvest a significant amount of his families food from the land in a sustainable manner.

Today he hunts a mix of big and small game as well as waterfowl. He hunts with traditional bows, crossbows and firearms.

"Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving some degree of self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system."

Meet Caleb Musgrave

Lead Mentor and Owner of Canadian Bushcraft

Caleb Musgrave is a Mississauga Anishinaabe Woodsman and Hunter. He is a generational hunter who grew up learning his techniques and mindset from his father, uncle and grandparents.

With a background in ecology as well as archaeology, Caleb has a deep understanding of humankind and hunting.

From tracking, to traditional camouflage and scent covering tactics, to ways to make the most use of the kill, Caleb is an experienced instructor with a mental toolkit that covers a little about everything.

Meet Carolyn Knapper

Course Instructor, Fisheries Biologist

Carolyn is Ontario born and raised but has been living in Western Canada for the last 10 years.

Professionally she works as a Biologist, with a focus on fisheries, and travels frequently to remote areas to hunt, fish and explore in BC, AB and the Yukon. She is currently in Prince George where she is studying to complete her MSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, focusing her thesis on straying in pacific salmon species.

Carolyn is an avid angler and hunts big game in the Mountains of British Columbia.

Meet Sandy & Cal Reed

Course Instructors, Original Wisdom School

For Sandy and Cal, hunting is not a sport or activity. It is a philosophy for living everyday life.

Sandy has been hunting for over a decade now and focuses on deer and turkey. To her, hunting is not a sport or activity. It is a philosophy for living one’s life. She is proud to have made her own bows and has hunted successfully with them. She loves to combine the skills of tracking, trailing and hunting into a way of living with the earth.

Cal is a self-taught primitive archer, capable of making a complete archery outfit from materials directly from the landscape. He has been hunting his whole life.

One of his proudest achievement is when he harvested a deer in 1997 with all home-made materials including an osage bow and a cane shafted flint tipped arrow he fashioned himself. Cal is also an accomplished rifleman and was on the rifle team in college.

These are just a few of the hunting instructors and mentors you will get to learn from inside of the course.

Why Nikki, (previously a vegetarian), joined The Hunter's Journey?

Join the Wait List for the 2023 Cohort

Learn to Hunt with Ethics & Skill

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to The Hunter's Journey?

You get full access for the lifetime of the course to all the materials, community and future updates and upgrades.

What if I already have some hunting experience, will this course be valuable to me?

Suppose you are only a couple of years into your journey and have had limited success with harvesting. In that case, we can help grow your confidence and work towards more consistent successful harvests.

However, if you have been hunting for several years and have had multiple successful harvests, in that case, many of the lessons may be review for you. But, you may still benefit from the community and live calls where we debrief instructor and student hunts and discuss how to adapt our strategies.

Do I need my hunting license to attend?

No, you do not need your license to start the course. However, if you are ready to start hunting, we will support you in getting set up to do it legally

Is this a safe space for people of all genders, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds?

We do our best to create a welcoming and supportive space where you can be you, regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

We keep politics out of the conversation unless directly related to hunting or Indigenous land rights.

This is also an LGBTQ-friendly space, and we are working on building a diverse community and mentoring team.

There is no tolerance for any form of bullying in the course. We stand behind the motto, "respect for each other, the land, & reverence for the animals we hunt."

We are also open to suggestions on how we can improve this welcoming and safe learning environment for all.

I feel intimidated by hunting, guns and how much there is to learn. Is this still for me?

We strive to create a welcoming and safe learning environment that honours everyone's unique relationship with hunting and individual goals in taking the course.

Hunting (and some hunters) can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you were not brought up around it or had a bad experience.

Our goal is to break down the stereotypes and barriers to getting started and make hunting more accessible to those who believe in doing it sustainably.

Will I have opportunities to ask instructors questions and get direct feedback on my hunting experiences and tactics?

Yes, the community is set up for you to share your stories and ask questions. We are also happy to debrief your hunting experiences on our monthly "Virtual Hunt Camp" calls, so instructors and participants can share feedback.

What if I don't have land to hunt on or live in the city?

No problem. Many of our participants live in urban environments or do not know where to hunt when they start. We will support you in exploring your options and finding places you can hunt.

I'm not sure I'm ready to hunt yet or take a life. Can I still attend and learn?

Yes, you sure can. We are here to support you through the entire process regardless of whether you are ready to hunt this season or just exploring the possibility for the future.

People join for all kinds of reasons. We have several participants that are still exploring if hunting is right for them. Some folks want to know how but do not intend to unless they need to.

Taking life to sustain your own is a big deal. That is why we call it the Hunter's Journey. Everybody's journey is different.

What if I can't make the "Virtual Hunt Camp" calls live?

All the live sessions are recorded and available to watch within 48-hrs of the live event. We also turn them into audio files if you prefer to listen to the recordings like you would a podcast.

Is this for bow or gun hunters?

Both. Our diverse team of mentors has experience with tactics and strategies for traditional longbow hunting, recurves, compound bows, shotguns, rifles and more.

We will help you understand the benefits and challenges of each and how to pick which is the best tool for you.

Do you offer scholarships or bursaries?

Yes, we are open to custom arrangements. Our mentors rely on their teaching income, and we strive to pay our team fairly for their decades of experience and hard work.

However, we also honestly believe in making this ancient pathway accessible. So, if you feel that you would benefit and have the time to put into learning but face financial or other barriers to joining, please email us to discuss possibilities.

Do you run in-person classes?

The Hunter's Journey is a standalone learning experience online that encourages participants to get together in person to further their learning.

Many of our instructors run in-person workshops related to hunting, bow building, survival and other skills. We will let participants know about inperson learning opportunities as they come up.

Not Your Average & Boring Online Course

We strive to create a different kind of online learning experience. One that is entertaining, engaging, and allows you to build authentic relationships with the instructors and other participants.
Post pictures, ask questions and come join us for real time learning and discussion at our monthly "Virtual Hunt Camps." .

Learn to Hunt Sustainably for Food In 2022