Hunting with Heart: A Free Web Series on Learning to Hunt Sustainably

~ Free Web Class ~

Hunting with Heart Series

Exploring the stories, ethics and skills of hunting for food

This free series is for people exploring the ancient and modern journey of the hunter. So if you want to learn to hunt sustainably, are a beginner new on your journey, or someone exploring if hunting is right for you, we welcome you!

Both sessions will have guest presenters from diverse backgrounds sharing inspirational stories, practical tips and how becoming a sustenance hunter impacted their lives. 

You are welcome to join regardless of your experience and background as long as you believe in: 

  • RESPECT for ALL People (regardless of ethnicity, gender, or political alliance)
  • Reverence for the Species We Hunt
  • Indigenous Land Rights 
  • Stewardship of the Land

** There will be no tolerance for conduct outside of these principles.

Learn to Hunt Sustainably

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Two Upcoming Sessions: 

Wed, Sept 14th at 8pm EST (5pm PST)

Becoming a Hunter: Overcoming Barriers & Dispelling the Myths

Learning to hunt for food can be exciting and intimidating, especially if you were not brought up in a hunting family or do not have friends who can mentor you. There are also many myths about hunting around its sustainability and tactics. Join our diverse team of mentors as we dive into:

  • How to overcome some of the most common barriers to getting started, such as finding land, acquiring the right gear, making sense of the regulations and meeting people with shared values to get out with
  • Common myths around hunting sustainability and tactics
  • Our team's top tips to help new hunters get started and grow their skills and knowledge 

Tues, Sept 20th at 8pm EST (5pm PST)

The Hunter's Journey & Why We Hunt; Self-Reliance, Sustainability & Deep Connection

There is a reason we call our mentoring program "The Hunter's Journey" and not "Hunting 101." Hunting is a powerful journey of connection with the land, your food and yourself. Every hunter has a unique story, journey and relationship with the land. Meet the team behind The Hunter's Journey as they share about:

  • Why they hunt and how their hunter's journey has impacted their lives in powerful ways
  • How they got started and their top tips for beginners
  • Inspiring stories of learning from wildlife and the quest to bring home food 

Meet the Storytellers & Mentors...

Caleb Musgrave: A Mississauga Anishinaabe Woodsman and Hunter. Caleb is a generational hunter who grew up learning his techniques and mindset from his father, uncle and grandparents.

With a background in ecology as well as archaeology, Caleb has a deep understanding of humankind and hunting. Caleb is also the host of The Canadian Bushcraft Podcast and lead instructor for the school. 

Carolyn: A Biologist, with a focus on fisheries, who travels frequently to remote areas to hunt, fish and explore in BC, AB and the Yukon. She is currently studying to complete her MSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, focusing her thesis on straying in pacific salmon species.

Sandy & Cal: "Hunting is not a sport or activity. It is a philosophy for living everyday life." They teach through Original Wisdom School and The Hunter's Journey Course

Sandy has been hunting for over a decade now and focuses on deer and turkey. To her, hunting is not a sport or activity. It is a philosophy for living one’s life. She is proud to have made her own bows and has hunted successfully with them. She loves to combine the skills of tracking, trailing and hunting into a way of living with the earth.

Cal is a self-taught primitive archer, capable of making a complete archery outfit from materials directly from the landscape. He has been hunting his whole life.

One of his proudest achievement is when he harvested a deer in 1997 with all home-made materials including an osage bow and a cane shafted flint tipped arrow he fashioned himself. Cal is also an accomplished rifleman and was on the rifle team in college.

Chris Gilmour: Chris harvested his first deer with a bow and arrow he made himself. He has expanded his skill set over the past decade to use the longbow, crossbow and firearms to hunt watefowl, small game, turkey & white-tail deer. Chris strives to harvest a significant amount of his families food from the land in a sustainable manner.

"Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving some degree of self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system."

Join us as we Explore the Value of this

Ancient Pathway in Modern Times! 

Free Web Class ~ Sept 14th & 20th, 2022
Hunting with Heart Series

Respect ~ Reverence ~ Self-Reliance ~ Stewardship