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A Web Class with Chris Outdoors & Part-Time Prepper.

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How to Grow & Forage an Abundance of Edible Mushrooms {Even in the City} 

Self-Reliance ~ Food Security ~ Medicine ~ Fun

A 2-hour deep dive into the foundational knowledge you to learn to safely and sustainably harvest edible and medicinal mushrooms from the wild. And, step-by-step instructions on how to grow mushrooms at home both indoors and out, even with limited space, time and money

Learn to grow an entire years worth of food in a small space to improve your self-reliance!

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What You Can Expect From this Web Class

  • Clear instructions around the easiest ways to grow mushrooms at home, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or on a farm. 
  • Learn the foundations of wild mushroom identification and how to apply this to safe and sustainable foraging
  • Learn how to grow mushrooms when you have limited space as well as in an urban or rural environment.
  • Recieve a downloadable PDF on how to identify the eight main mushroom groups. 
  • Learn techniques to save you time and money when growing your own mushrooms.

The Benefits of Growing and Foraging Mushrooms

Sustainable & Organic
Self-Reliance & Food Security
Health & Medicinal Benefits

Hi, We Are Chris and Laura Gilmour

We were introduced to mushroom cultivation and wild foraging over 20-years ago while apprenticing in permaculture and sustainable forest management on 7 Ravens Farm.

Today we lives on a twenty-six acre homestead where we grow and forage food for ourselves and our wild foods business, Wild Muskoka. We have been growing and foraging mushrooms on our homestead for the past ten years working with various techniques and species.

Chris is the lead mentor in the growing component of this course, and Laura is the lead mentor in the wild fungi identification lessons.

Invest In You

Learn to Grow Mushrooms at Home and Identify Them In the Wild

On-Demand Web Class ~ Watch on Your Time ~ From the Comfort of Home

Save Your Seat, Only $20CAN