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Grow Mushrooms at Home &
Learn to Safely & Confidently Identify Them In the Wild 

Self-Reliance ~ Food Security ~ Medicinal ~ Fun

Get Access to the FULL course with detailed videos, instruction sheets and a community to answer all your questions on growing techniques and wild mushroom identification. 

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This super fungi training will guide you step-by-step in how to grow an abundance of nutritious and medicinal mushrooms at home. The techniques can be applied regardless of whether you live in an urban apartment or a rural homestead.

We also cover the foundations of learning to identify mushrooms in the wild and the first steps to learning to forage.

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What You Can Expect From the Course

  • Clear step-by-step instructions giving you the knowledge and confidence to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms at home.
  • Fantastic tutorials and activities to learn how to identify mushrooms in the wild. This course will lay a solid foundation for those looking to get into mushroom foraging.
  • Learn how to grow mushrooms when you have limited space as well as in an urban or rural environment.
  • Support and guidance around where and how to get all the required materials for home-scale growing.
  • Learn techniques to save you time and money when growing your own mushrooms.
  • An inspiring and supportive online community to help you and your mushrooms grow!

The Benefits of Growing and Foraging

Sustainable & Organic
Self-Reliance & Food Security
Health & Medicinal Benefits

Get Lifetime Access to All the Course Resources

  • Dozens of videos showing you step-by-step how to get through each stage of the growing process
  • Troubleshooting videos to address common issues
  • Links for where to acquire your growing spawn and other materials
  • Worksheets with clear instructions
  • A virtual wild mushroom identification walk
  • A community to ask questions and share your learnings and excitement with

Hi, We Are Chris and Laura Gilmour

We were introduced to mushroom cultivation and wild foraging over 20-years ago while apprenticing in permaculture and sustainable forest management on 7 Ravens Farm.

Today we lives on a twenty-six acre homestead where we grow and forage food for ourselves and our wild foods business, Wild Muskoka. We have been growing and foraging mushrooms on our homestead for the past ten years working with various techniques and species.

Chris is the lead mentor in the growing component of this course, and Laura is the lead mentor in the wild fungi identification lessons.

Course Lessons

Welcome & Safety

A course tour and important lessons around safety when growing at home and handling wild mushrooms.

Getting Started

An introduction on how to get set up to grow in your unique situation (ex: urban vs rural). We also teach you how to save money and grow more by expanding your initial mushroom spawn culture.

Growing Oysters on Coffee Grounds

Learn to grow Oyster Mushrooms indoors on leftover coffee grounds. This is a great beginners project to learn the fundamentals.

Growing Oysters on Straw Indoors or Out

This technique is a low-cost way to grow a significant amount of food and medicine in a small space year-round.

Growing Shiitakes, Oysters & More on Logs

With minimal annual work, a mushroom log can produce food and medicine for 3 - 8 years. We will walk you through it step-by-step.

The Log Tower Method

This outdoor growing technique requires less work and time than growing on logs. You could even do it on an apartment balcony.

Wild Fungi Identification

Begin your adventure with a virtual mushroom walk and learn the foundations of identification with our mushroom scavenger hunt. 


Access our ever-evolving collection of bonus videos such as how to cook and preserve, mushroom ecology and more.

Not Your Average, Boring Online Course

We strive to create a different kind of online learning experience. One that is entertaining, engaging, and allows you to build authentic relationships with the instructors and other participants.

Post pictures, ask questions and come along with us on Virtual Mushroom Identification Walks.

Invest In You

Learn to Grow Mushrooms at Home and Identify Them In the Wild

**Get Lifetime Access to All Course Material and the Community.

Enroll Today Only $99 $129

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the Mushroom Growers Course?

You get lifetime access to all the course materials, community and future updates and upgrades.

What if I don't have land to grow on or live in the city?

We cover several techniques for growing an abundance of mushrooms in small places. The space can be as small as 1 - 2 sq feet indoors or out.

You will be surprised how much you can grow in a small area.

How long will it take me to grow my first crop of mushrooms?

Depending on the technique you choose and your set-up, you could be eating your first crop in under 2-months.

Will you teach us how to forage edible mushrooms?

There are many poisonous mushrooms with edible look-a-likes. Therefore, the first step to learning to forage is to be confident in your identification skills.

This course will teach you the foundations of wild mushroom identification. We will discuss which mushrooms may be edible and how to get started in foraging.

But you will need to do additional learning to build up your confidence to forage safely. We will guide you in the next steps in learning to forage.

We ask that you do NOT forage any mushroom that you only learned about in this course without further self-study and the guidance of a qualified mentor with you at the time of harvest.

Can I make money growing and selling mushrooms?

Yes, many successful mushroom growing businesses use techniques similar to what we teach in this course.

Although commercial-scale growing is not the focus of this course, the foundational growing techniques we teach will be applicable.

What materials will I need to grow mushrooms?

You will need to order your mushroom spawn locally or online. Approximate cost $30-$40 CAD.

A basic set-up can be as simple as mason jars and coffee grounds or a couple of fresh-cut poplar rounds.

We will share links and resources on where you can salvage or buy all the needed resources.

For participants wanting to set up a more advanced growing operation for increased production and reliability, you may want to invest an additional $50+.

This will not be required for a more basic project.

Can I do this course with my kids?

Yes, you absolutely can! Kids will love the hands- on aspect of growing and our wild fungi scavenger hunt activity.

What species will we learn about in this course?

We focus on Shiitake & Oysters for growing as they are great species to learn the foundations of with a high likelihood of success. However, you will be able to apply the techniques to growing many other species.

As to wild fungi identification, we cover a bunch. We will be continuing to add to the video collection of our "Virtual Mushroom Walk."

Someone in my household has a mushroom allergy; can we still participate?

If you or anyone in your household has an allergy, do NOT grow mushrooms indoors.

You may be able to grow outdoors if you have a space that is away from areas the person with the allergy spends time in.

You can also learn about wild mushroom identification, but you will not want to collect specimens and bring them home.

Will I learn how to identify any poisonous mushrooms?

Yes, we will teach you about a some poisons wild mushrooms you should be aware of.

Increase Your Self-Reliance and Grow Your Mushroom Knowledge