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Becoming Naturally Resilient in 2024

Lessons from Nature in Our Quickly Changing Climate & World 

This class was held live on January 3rd, 2024. You can register below to watch the replay for free.

Join us for a very timely web class as we take a positive and proactive approach to adapting and preparing for some of the biggest challenges of our times.

From evolving disasters to our quickly changing climate and world, a lot is happening right now that will impact us all in the coming years.

Charles Williams (Earth Activist Training) & Chris Gilmour (Chris Outdoors) will be sharing examples from nature that teach us how to be more resilient and adaptable in changing times and inspiration for designing a better future.

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Earth Activist Training

Join Us, As We Explore:

  • The Role of Disasters in Ecology
  • Reframing Our Stories Around Our Changing Climate & World to Be More Empowering & Proactive
  • Learning From Nature and Using it as a Model for Resiliency and Adaptability
  • Practical and Proactive Ways You Can Prepare Your Family, Community, Farm or Business/Organization for the Realities of a Changing World & Climate.
  • A Short Overview of Two Upcoming In-Depth Learning Opportunities, The Creating Community Resilience Course & the Reading Nature's Language Course.
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