What You Need to Know, a FREE Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

What You Need to Know, A FREE Audio
Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

One of the primary goals of Changing World is to help our community be better prepared for the many changes happening in the world right now. This means making the steps towards emergency and disaster preparedness practical and realistic in our already full lives.

We also strive to stay positive, there is enough bad news in the world already.

Practical - Prepared - Positive, that is the motto.

I was asked to be interviewed on a Radio Show called, "Uplifting Things," a show focusing on stories of positive and amazing things happening in the world. I thought, "what an excellent context to chat about emergency and disaster preparedness in, Uplifting Things."

To me, feeling better prepared, adaptable and resilient, is very uplifting. 


When I sat down to listen to our recording afterward, I realized we created an excellent introduction and foundation for emergency and disaster preparedness. We also talked a lot about practical steps to build a resilient and positive mindset for uncertain times, how to think like a survivor. 

This interview is really a one-hour FREE mini-course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness. There are some real gems in it, especially if you are just getting started. We also get into survival mindset. #Disaster #Preparedness

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Interview Topics & Times:

Below I have laid out show notes with associated times in the interview. This way you can see what content we cover, and If you don't want to listen to the whole interview, you can skip to the sections that interest you the most.

Enjoy and please leave questions and comments in the comment section below.

0:00 - Beautiful and uplifting intro song

2:00 - Uplifting news for the week - Some cool stories of innovative technology ( a car that runs on oxygen), people saving lives, rival gangs getting together to build playgrounds for the children, and more.

6:48 - Start of my interview - A bit on my background, thoughts on what we are capable of as human beings, considering climate change throughout time, creating a positive mindset in a changing world and climate.

11:00 - How to deal with fear, stress, and adrenaline when a disaster strikes. Developing a survival mindset, "training trumps gear." 

13:40 - Using visualization to train yourself to stay calm under stress and make better decisions. 

22:00 - Cutting through the overwhelm of all the possible hazards and threats you could prepare for. Taking an "All Hazards Approach" and starting with high leverage actions that tackle multiple possibilities.

24:30 - Creating a family emergency communications plan for if the phone lines go down and you are separated.

27:50 - 10 categories of gear to consider when making emergency kits.

29:30 - Learn to camp if you don't know how to all ready. This is fun and is also disaster survival training. I give a power outage and ice storm example.

31:30 - Get a corded landline as a back-up.

33:00 - Accessing essential emergency broadcasts during a disaster. Where to get the information you need. NOAA weather band with Ontario frequencies, Twitter in emergencies, GetPrepared.gc.ca, and Canada's new Alert Ready System.

37:00 - Traveling to BC when there is a Tsunami possibility. 

38:00 - Useful apps to have on your phone for First Aid and other emergencies. See this video & blog post. 

40:50 - A couple of my favorite books on emergency and disaster preparedness and survival, "When Technology Fails" & When Disaster Strikes".

41:25 - Some recommendations for your personal training next steps.

42:20 - Universal principals that cross disciplines. Believe in yourself & your ability to improv and figure things out, develop a survival mindset, retrain your "operating system" to be resilient and adaptable.

45:00 -Pushing small edges to develop a survival mindset and capability.

51:00 - Safety while traveling to other countries.

51:40 - Dealing with human waste when the power and water are down.

52:10 - Upcoming emergency preparedness workshops and training opportunities.

52:40 - Playing the "survival game" with your kids.

53:40 - Creating a more empowering story about the future and the changes that are happening in the world. People were built to be resilient and adaptable beings.

I hope you found this mini course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness helpful. If you are just getting started, you may also find this article useful - Getting Started in Personal & Family Disaster Preparedness.

Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment below & please share to help this project grow. 

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