Class - Winter Survival - 2024 - Chris Outdoors

~ In-Person Workshop in Muskoka ~ 

Winter Survival & Outdoor Skills

Be Confident You Could Survive a Night Outside 

(or multiple nights) in the Middle of Winter! 

In this fun and interactive course on the land we will be exploring the art and science of wilderness survival as well as some longer term wilderness living skills. 

Are you confident you can light a fire in any weather condition? What if it is raining/snowing or you do not have paper or birch bark? What if you loose your lighter? 

This 1-day course will help you feel more confident you could spend a night or more if you were lost in the woods in the middle of winter. 

We will cover advanced cold weather fire skills, emergency shelters, signaling for help and do an intro to survival snaring and trapping.

Date: Sunday, March 3rd

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Dwight, Ontario

Cost: $165 + HST**   Only 8 spots!

Winter Survival Course in Ontario

Accommodations may be available at the Wolf Den Nature Retreat for an additional fee. You can contact them at: 1-866-271-9336 or

Age Requirement: All Chris Outdoors offerings are designed as adult education programs. Participants must be over 18 to attend. Youth over 14 may attend with a parent in some situations. Please email contact us prior to registering to inquire if you are interested in bringing a youth participant with you.


- Parking is tight on site. We may meet at an alternate location near by and carpool in. If registering, you MUST be willing to car pool or shuttle in from a near by location.

- As a participant you will be on your feet most of the day, hiking off-trail across uneven terrain and potentially up hills. We will also be outside the entire time regardless of the temperature or weather. If you are unable to confidently walk on uneven ground, uphill (there will be lots of short breaks as we look at things and do activities), or be outside for multiple hours in cold temperatures, this workshop may not be for you.

Meet Your Guide, Chris Gilmour... 

How to fish

I've always loved the outdoors, but it wasn't until my early twenties that I realized how little of nature's language I was aware of.
After meeting a few mentors, I realized I enjoyed nature more as a spectator and tourist than an active and aware participant in nature's story.

I wanted to build deep relationships with all the amazing species we share this planet with, to know them like friends and family.

This sent me on a 20+ year (and counting) journey of rediscovery. I travelled North America studying wilderness survival, tracking, bird language, foraging and more from dozens of teachers.

I learned to read and interpret the tracks, trees, bird calls and other signs like words in a storybook. A story full of wonder that is all around us. And a story that many (myself included earlier in life) did not even know existed.

This new way of relating to the natural world completely changed my life. One of my biggest passions is sharing this with others, which I have been doing for the past two decades through Chris Outdoors and other organizations.