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Testimonials - Consulting for Organizations

Arlene Slocombe - Guelph Outdoors School

" It has brought an immense peace of mind both personally and organizationally to have his professional guidance and expertise as we navigated the many decisions we have had to make. Chris was a support not only to our decision-making team, but also to our staff as we troubleshot our way through the fist waves of the pandemic. We could then move ahead in good conscience knowing we were making informed choices."

Megan Griffen - Clearwater Farm

" I really appreciated how he looks at all aspects of a situation, including the very human emotional based aspects. After working with him I felt I had the tools to move forward into high stress situations in a grounded and empowered way. I would 100% work with him again."

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About Chris

"There was so much more to becoming resilient, adaptable human beings and good stewards of the earth." 

I became obsessed with the study of ecology, survival, self-reliance and rediscovering my relationship with nature and human potential. This sent me on the adventure of a lifetime.

I apprenticed in permaculture and how to grow my own food. Studied herbal medicine and remote back-country first aid. Started my own modern-day homestead with my wife. And help build a not-for-profit youth organization to help reconnect kids and people back to the land.

With a desire to bridge all I had learned from practicing farming, survival and studying natural ecosystems, I wanted to now use this to face some of the most significant challenges I saw facing the modern world.

This led me back to school to study Emergency & Disaster Management, where I began a new journey.

Chris Outdoor's consulting & mentoring/training practices bridge the best of modern emergency preparedness and response with the holistic practices of permaculture, natural awareness and leadership skills.

Chris Outdoors now runs two streams of services. 

1) Deep nature awareness mentoring for individuals and staff teams. We work with nature as the ultimate guide towards human potential, resiliency, ecological stewardship and self-development. 

2) Consulting and training in holistic emergency and disaster management for our quickly changing world. 

I've helped run disaster exercises and training for municipal governments, NGOs, eco-villages, farms, and one of my biggest passions, outdoor-education organizations.

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Private and group coaching/mentoring

In-person workshops

Building Preparedness, Naturalist, Tracking and Wild Foraging Skills

Online Courses and Free Learning Resources



Risk Mitigation and Emergency Planning

Strategic Planning Support

Staff training, team building and leadership development

Innovative Program Design

  • Idea to Offering
  • Going Outside or Online
  • Curriculum Linking

Land Stewardship


Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) - Save up to 75% on your land tax

Ecological Inventory & Mapping

Permaculture (food systems), Sustainable design and land management

Online Resources for Landowners

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