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Learn to Hunt, Forage & Grow Sustainably

Healthy & Sustainable Food

Learn to feed your family with healthy food for you and the environment.

Participate in the ecology of your bio-region and take responsibility for your impact.

Nurture your body, mental well-being and personal growth through these ancient and modern ways.

Skills & Knowledge

Getting started can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you were not brought up around these ways. We can help!

Follow clear pathways with step-by-step examples. Learn from inspiring stories. Receive community support.

Engage with various learning opportunities to push your skills and meet your unique goals and life circumstances.

Community & Mentors

Join a "New Generation of Ethical Hunters".

We are a diverse community of educators, mentors and students here to help each other learn and grow.

Our mentors "walk the walk," strive to break down barriers and create an inclusive and welcoming space to learn.

Cultivating A New Generation

Learning to hunt, forage and grow is a transformative journey.

One that cultivates:

  • Self-reliance and confidence
  • A deeper connection and greater knowledge of your food and the land
  • New relationships with like-minded people and the animals we share earth with

Our Community:


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Explore Some of Our Courses

Not your typical boring online courses. We strive to build authentic community and relationships between students and mentors. Our courses include a mix of engaging media, printable worksheets, and live mentoring calls for accountability and for students and instructors to connect, share, and ask questions.

  • The Hunter's Journey

  • Mushroom Grower & Fungi ID

  • Nature's Language

  • Complete Access

The Hunter's Journey - Learn to Hunt Sustainably

Do you want to learn how to hunt for food sustainably? Or, are you a beginner looking to have more success? This is one of our most in-depth & robust learning communities. - Watch the trailer & Learn More -

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Video Library Highlights

Introduction To Camo

Bow vs. Gun - A Beginners Guide

Licensing and Understanding Regulations

The Hunter's Journey Course Instructors

Featuring a diverse community of talented instructors. Meet a few of these individuals. 

Caleb Musgrave

Canadian Bushcraft

A Mississauga Anishinaabe woodsman and hunter. Caleb is a generational hunter, learning his techniques and mindset from his relatives.

He is a trapper, birch bark canoe builder, traditional storyteller and craftsman. 

Carolyn Knapper

Biologist, with a focus on fisheries

Carolyne explores remote areas of BC, AB and the Yukon to hunt, and fish. 

She is currently studying to complete her MSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, focusing her thesis on Pacific Salmon species.

Sandy & Cal Reed

Original Wisdom School

For Sandy and Cal, hunting is not a sport or activity. It is a philosophy for living  everyday life.

They love to teach and combine the skills of tracking, trailing, foraging, and hunting into a way of living with the earth. 

More Course Instructors

Laura Gilmour - Wild Muskoka

The Mushroom Growers Course - Instructor

Laura is a professional wild forager. Along with selling sustainably harvested wild foods, she also teaches herbal medicine and mushroom foraging.

She lives on a permaculture inspired   homestead growing food and medicine. 

Chris Gilmour - Chris Outdoors

Lead Mentor and Educator - All Courses

Chris has spent his adult life as a devout student of the natural world.

He is a certified wildlife tracker, a hunter, a forager and an organic food and mushroom grower. Chris consults in sustainable land management and emergency preparedness.

Christina Yu

Learning Nature's Language - Instructor 

Christina is a Level III Cybertracker and the first graduate of the Earth Tracks Tracking Apprenticeship.

An accomplished instructor, she has taught for the Canadian Armed Forces, Northern Karate Schools, Canadian Bushcraft and Chris Outdoors.

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They Say

Course Participants & Community Members

As someone who did not grow up hunting, The Hunt, Forage & Grow is like the Hunt Camp I never had.

A camp full of successful, thoughtful and generous mentors and open-minded learners. I particularly value the emphasis on connection to nature and the diversity of the group.

Hugh Cotton, The Hunter's Journey

Professionally, this course contributed to my ability to run outdoor education programs. Personally, learning to read the landscape has been incredible.

I notice patterns I never would have before. Chris is a talented educator who cultivates a warm and thoughtful learning community.

Emily Beaton, Nature's Language

I wasn't raised in a hunting family. This program filled in many gaps for me, and gave me some amazing tools to progress. What they are sharing is essential.

This is some high level teaching, presented in a really accessible and engaging way.

Steve Leckman, the Hunter's Journey

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