Old Class - Intro to Deer Hunting Workshop - Chris Outdoors

~ In-Person Class, September 16th & 17th (Sat/Sun), 2023 ~ 

Intro to Deer Hunting Skills

with Chris Gilmour - Class Full

This is going to be a very hands-on and in-depth class as I tour you through the woodlands I have been hunting for the past decades sharing educational stories and practicing the skills needed to get close to deer and get set-up to hunt them.

We cover a wide range of skills including:

  • ~ Tracking & trailing
  • ~ Camoflage and movement while hunting
  • ~ Adapting your strategy based on the weather and seasonal patterns in behavior
  • ~ Finding good spots for blinds and tree stands and how to set them up
  • ~ Butchering basics. We will butcher a rabbit during the class and talk about how the skills would transfer to larger game
  • ~ And more... 

When: September 16 & 17 (Sat/Sun), from 9:30am to 5pm

Where: Dwight, Ontario

Cost: $250 + HST   *Only 8 spots!

Hunting Term Meanings & Slang
Intro to deer hutning

IMPORTANT: As a participant you will be on our feet most of the day, hiking off-trail across uneven terrain and potentially up steep hills. If you are unable to confidently walk on uneven ground and uphill, this class may not be for you.  

Meet Your Guide:

Chris Gilmour:

Why people hunt?

Chris has been hunting for over a decade and harvested his first deer with a bow and arrow he made himself. He strives to harvest a significant amount of his families food from the land in a sustainable manner.

Today he hunts a mix of big and small game as well as waterfowl. He hunts with traditional bows, crossbows and firearms.

"Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving some degree of self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system."

Join Me for the Intro to Deer Hunting Skills

September 16th & 17th, 2023