The Online Course that Enhances Your Outdoor Experiences

Reading Nature's Language 

Learn to Read the "Story" in Nature's Tracks, Sights & Sounds
  • Learn about Wildlife Tracking, Bird Language, Ecology & More...
  • Expand Your Awareness & Deepen Your Connection to Nature
  • Connect with an Inspiring Community to Stay Motivated
  • Make Time for You!

Walking through the woods will never be the same again!

** Registration CLOSES January 22nd


You missed out!

Who is Nature's Language For?

  • People of ALL experiences levels and backgrounds who love the outdoors and want to learn about nature, wildlife & ecology.
  • Adults looking to make more time for their own learning and personal growth.
  • Outdoor Educators, Parents, Forest School Mentors and Teachers looking to mentor others outdoors.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to track wildlife, increase their natural knowledge and expand their awareness.

What's Included:

Wildlife Tracking Lesson

Virtual Campfires

2 Monthly Mentoring Calls (Jan - May)

Our "Virtual Campfires" are where you can get to know the instructors and other students.

Campfires are a mixture of new lessons on topics such as interpreting tracks, learning bird calls, seasonal ecology and more. (see schedule below)

You can also ask questions and share your nature stories.  

Tracking Wildlife

In-Depth Video Lessons & Outdoor Activities

Access our video library anytime you are inspired to learn.

These professionally filmed videos teach foundational tracking and naturalist concepts in an entertaining and easy-to-learn fashion. 

Download workbooks and learn activities to try out in nature.  

Outdoor educators

Expert Mentors &

an Inspiring


Joining gives you access to a team of inspiring and knowledgeable mentors through our live campfire calls.

There is also an exclusive community to post your pictures and questions and get feedback from mentors and other participants.

They Say

What They Say

Learning to read the landscape has been incredible...

"Professionally, this course contributed to my ability to run outdoor education programs. Personally, learning to read the landscape has been incredible. I notice patterns I never would have before. Chris is a talented educator who cultivates a warm and thoughtful learning community"

Emily Beaton - Past Participant

"Hikes, walks, camping trips became much more interesting, making me a bit less of a clueless passenger and more of an active observer of my environment."

Rafael Etges

"Love the videos, Chris's enthusiasm gets me excited to get out there and track. I would tell a new student, not only will you learn how to track but you'll have the opportunity to peek into these amazing animals lives and come away with an awesome experience that you just can't buy anywhere. I love it!

Tina Lanciault

Flexible Enrollment Options:

** Registration CLOSES January 22nd.


You missed out!

One-Time Payment
Winter Cohort of Nature's Language


Includes 12-months access to the Nature's Language Course with:

  • 9 Live "Virtual Campfire" Mentoring Calls (Jan - May)
  • Access to All Past Recordings
  • 20+ Video Lessons & 6 Workbooks with Outdoor Activities
  • Online Community to Ask Questions & Share
* Prices are in Canadian dollars. Canadian residents are subject to tax.

4 Monthly Payments
Winter Cohort of Nature's Language


Includes 12-months access to
the Nature's Language Course with:

  • 9 "Live Virtual Campfire" Mentoring Calls (Jan - May)
  • Access to All Past Recordings
  • 20+ Video Lessons & 6 Workbooks with Outdoor Activities
  • Online Community to Ask Questions & Share
* Prices are in Canadian dollars. Canadian residents are subject to tax. 

Money Back Guarantee

We always strive to create quality learning experiences that meet different learning styles. We are also always striving to raise the bar when it comes to what an engaging online course can look like. If you give the course and community an honest chance and find it does not engage and inspire you, we offer a 100% money back refund.

Upcoming "Virtual Campfire" Schedule:

Below is the schedule of upcoming calls for 2024. There will be 9 calls between January & the end of May 2024. 

All calls will be recorded and the replay will be available to watch afterwards if you can not attend live. 

Call Series 1 ~ Interpretive Wild Life Tracking

The first call of each month will focus on learning to identify wildlife tracks and sign and how to read the "story" left behind in the tracks.  

Call Series 2 ~ Nature & Deep Ecology

The second call of each month will focus on ecology ecology such as tree's, birds, ecological communities and the human relationship.

1st Monday of Month @ 7pm EST

  • January 29th (one exception to the 1st Monday of the month)
  • February 5th
  • April 1st
  • May 6th

3rd Monday of the Month @ 7pm EST

  • February 12th 
  • March 18th
  • April 15th
  • May 20th

** Please note the specific topics and presenters are subject to change. Beyond each call's evening theme, we also take time to answer your nature questions and connect with the community.

What Jocelyn had to say about the course...

Meet Your Guides...

Chris Gilmour

Course Creator & Lead Mentor

I've always loved the outdoors, but it wasn't until my early twenties that I realized how little of nature's language I was aware of.

After meeting a few mentors, I realized I was enjoying nature more as a spectator and tourist than an active and aware part of nature's story.
This sent me on a twenty-year (and counting) journey of rediscovery. I realized there was so much more than learning the names or scientific facts about nature.

I wanted to build deep relationships with all the amazing species we share this planet with, to know them like friends and family. 

I began to learn to interpret the meaning of bird calls and the story being told, the signs from nature that the weather will change or which way north is. I began to read trees and tracks like words in a storybook.

This new way of relating to the natural world completely changed my life. One of my biggest passions is sharing this with others. 

Wildlife Tracker

Guest Mentors

Woman Wildlife Trackers

Christina Yu

Parks Canada - Gros Morne

Caleb Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft

Caleb Musgrave

Canadian Bushcraft

Laura Gilmour Woman in the outdoors

Laura Gilmour

Wild Muskoka Botanicals

Alexis Burnet Wildlife Tracker

Alexis Burnett

Earth Tracks Outdoors School


Sandy Reed Wildlife Tracker

Sandy Reed

Original Wisdom School

Carolyn Knapper Female Naturalists

Carolyn Knapper

Fisheries Biologist

Learning Bird Language

Mystery Guests!

Who know who our next guest will be...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to Nature's Language for?

Both enrollment options include access for 12 months. You can pay a small monthly fee at the end of the 12 months if you wish to keep attending the calls and accessing the course materials.

What if I already have some outdoor, naturalist or tracking experience, will this course be valuable to me?

We have people of all experience levels join these calls, and our mentors all have decades of experience as naturalists. We have many professional outdoor educators in the course as participants, and they still get a ton out of it. If you join and realize your knowledge is beyond the course, we are happy to refund you.

Is this a safe space for people of all genders, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds?

We do our best to create a welcoming and supportive space where you can be you, regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

We keep politics out of the conversation unless directly related to ecology and conservation.

This is also an LGBTQ+-friendly space, and we are working on building a diverse community and mentoring team.

There is no tolerance for any form of bullying in the course. We stand behind the motto, "respect for each other and the land."

We are also open to suggestions on how we can improve this as a welcoming and safe learning environment for all.

Will I have opportunities to ask instructors questions?

Yes, the community is set up for you to share your stories, post pictures of cool tracks and nature mysteries you find and ask questions. Oour monthly "Virtual Campfire" calls are also a place you can share, ask questions and get to know the mentors and other particpants. 

What if I don't have ANY experience in the outdoors or prior knowledge, will this be too advanced for me?

ALL experience levels are welcome. If you are a complete beginner, you will learn a ton! A lot of the material is geared toward absolute beginners. Some aspects may be over your head to start, but these plant seeds for where your journey can go.

I live in a city. Will this still be relevant and valuable for me in an urban environment?

Yes, urban landscapes are still full of natural mysteries and stories to be revealed. We will help you adapt the lessons and skills so you can learn about the species and wildlife in the city and suburbs. We even have an entire lesson in the course on urban wildlife tracking.

What if I can't make the "Virtual Campfire" calls live?

No problem. All the live sessions are recorded and available to watch within 48-hrs of the live event.

Do you offer scholarships or bursaries?

Yes, we are open to custom arrangements. Our mentors rely on their teaching income, and we strive to pay our team fairly for their decades of experience and hard work.
However, we also honestly believe in making nature connection accessible to all people. So, if you feel you would benefit and have the time to put into learning but face financial or other barriers to joining, please email us to discuss possibilities.

Do you run in-person classes?

Nature's Language is a standalone learning experience online that encourages participants to get outdoors.

Chris Outdoors does run some occasional in-person classes which are listed under events on our website.

I'm hesitant to join an online course about nature and spend more time in front of a screen. Any thoughts on this?

I absolutely get this one. When I started creating this course, I was very hesitant even to teach it online. But, 6-years later, I'm genuinely proud of the online learning experience I have built. This is not your average boring online course where you watch a bunch of videos. Instead, the lessons are engaging with activities to get you outside. And the community has lots of opportunities to connect with other people and instructors. I always leave our "Virtual Campfires" inspired and excited. It does not feel like more online time to me.

Not Your Average & Boring Online Course

We strive to create a different kind of online learning experience. One that is entertaining, engaging, and allows you to build authentic relationships with the instructors and other participants.
Post pictures, ask questions and come join us for real time learning and discussion at our monthly "Virtual Campfire Calls." .

Learn to Read the "Story" in Nature's

Tracks, Signs & Sounds