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Part 5: Local, Resilient Diversity; A Discussion of Community & Place



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10 Guest Presenters, 7 Sessions:

All sessions are Tuesday evenings at 8pm EST (5pm PST), February 28 - April 11, 2023

  February 28th

Resiliency in Uncertain Times; Overcoming the Overwhelm & Getting Prepared

With Dr. Nauman Naeem MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist & Author of "Healing from the Inside Out."

And, Chris Gilmour from Chris Outdoors

It can be overwhelming when you start thinking of all the possible future (and present) threats and challenges. From climate change to doctor shortages and more.

This first session will share practical strategies to deal with the overwhelm, both from a physical and a mental perspective.

How do you decide where to focus your limited time & resources to prepare for possible emergencies? And how to deal with the potential stress & anxiety of living in these times? Join us to hear some actionable ideas.

  March 7th

Financial Resiliency in a Turbulent Economy

With Shannon Simmons, Certified Financial Planner, Author and Founder of the New School of Finance™

Rising food prices, inflation, market crashes, and compounding government and personal debt levels are just a few of the headlines as of late.

So where is the economy heading? And how do you balance current expenses while planning for the future in such a turbulent economy? 

Shannon will share a holistic approach to financial planning, decision making and money tips for uncertain times.

 March 14th

Designing Anti-fragility Into Your Home and Homestead By Copying Nature

With Alain D'Aoust from Verge Permaculture

When times get challenging, fragile systems and infrastructure start to come down, compounding the existing challenges.

What does it look like to design your life, home or homestead to be anti-fragile? Nature has many of the solutions already.

Alain will share practical ways to build systems and infrastructure that supports and holds you up during challenging times.

March 21st

Herbs, Mushrooms & Nature; Allies for a Resilient Body & Mind

With Yarrow Willard from Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine & Harmonic Arts

The last few years have highlighted how stressed and overwhelmed many modern health and medical systems have become. On top of this, we are in an era of new emerging pathogens, such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The time is now to empower our health and connect with nature's many gifts to nurture our bodies and minds. Yarrow will explore how Herbs, Mushrooms, and Nature can be supportive allies in these changing times.

  March 28th

Local, Resilient Diversity; A Discussion of Community & Place

With Starhawk & Charles Williams from Earth Activist Training

One of our core permaculture principles is that diversity creates resilience.  Another is to localize, to root in place.  But what if our local community is not as diverse as we would like?  Or diverse in ways we don’t like?  With culture wars being waged all around us, how can we balance our commitment to social justice with our need to make alliances with folks who may not share similar values or visions?  This workshop explores some aspects of social permaculture—communication tools and understandings that can help us know when to set boundaries and how to bridge gaps and find common ground.

April 4thst

Raising Resilient Youth for an Uncertain Future

With Andrew McMartin from The Pine Project

The world we have experienced in the past twenty years is not the same one our youth will have to navigate over the next twenty. Everything is changing, from the economy and workforce to the environment, climate change and the social climate.

How can we support youth to develop the physical and mental capacity to adapt and navigate the challenges of an uncertain future?

Andrew shares ideas and practices from his twenty-plus years of helping youth develop capacity and resiliency through their relationship with nature, risk and community.

  April 11th

Intro to Small Scale Homesteading, Wild Foraging & Food Security

With Laura Gilmour from Wild Muskoka Botanicals &

Caleb Musgrave from Canadian Bushcraft

You do not need a farm or plot of land in the country to start becoming more food secure. And with rising food prices and supply chain issues, this is a topic on many people's minds.

Laura and Caleb will share practical strategies and techniques to help you start growing and foraging food and building local food networks to support regional food security.

Join us as we Explore Empowering & Practical Solutions for Uncertain Times

The Resilient Future Series
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